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Useful Debian tutorials you should try

Learning the computer system can be very challenging for many people. Thanks to different tutorials that have been developed to help individuals to practice and have a better understanding it has become very easy. To get started with the Debian system, it is important to understand how it is structured and the location of various files and directories to make it easy for you to navigate and operate it. Some useful lessons that everyone should have include: how to block international spam botnets, how to protect and test the server, installation of PSAD and configuration on Debian among others.

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How to protect and test the server

The main aim of this tutorial is to teach the users the best methods and steps to employ in protecting the server mainly from HTTPOXY. The lesson contains various sections that focus on Debian and Ubuntu although it is also applicable to other Linux distributions. When using this training material, the users get to learn the configuration that can be used to protect Nginx and Apache on both Debian 7 and eight servers from HTTPOXY. After teaching how to protect the server, the tutorial goes a step further to update the users on how to test whether the server is secure.

How to block international spam botnets

One of the most important tasks for every individual and organizations is to stay out of the mail blacklists that have proven to be very annoying for many people. This tutorial focuses on teaching the users how they can avoid and keep scammers and hackers away. It trains on how to use a postfix and postfwd on Debian systems to prevent the hackers from accessing your account.

There are very many different tutorials on the internet that you could use, and it is important to first make a comparison before choosing the best. Give yourself enough time and focus on what is best for you and what is important.